Hagenbuch Announces Endorsement of President Trump

Hagenbuch Announces Endorsement of President Trump

Brent Hagenbuch, conservative Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 30, the seat being left vacant by the announced retirement of Senator Drew Springer, released the following statement:

“When I heard the news around lunchtime today, it took my breath away. As a graduate of the US Naval Academy, proud Seabee, and decorated veteran, to earn the endorsement of Commander-in-Chief in this campaign is the most humbling honor imaginable.

“So many things are wrong in America today, including the invasion on the border, the economy, America’s image around the world, and the woke cultural decline. We can regain this nation and return sanity to the political process by returning Donald Trump to the White House.

“He approaches problems in the same America First, commonsense way as I do.

“I pledge to bring these principles with me to the Texas Senate.”

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