Law Enforcement Rallies for Hagenbuch

Law Enforcement Rallies for Hagenbuch

Brent Hagenbuch, conservative Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 30, the seat being left vacant by the announced retirement of Senator Drew Springer, released the following statement:

“I support law enforcement and will fight to ensure they have the equipment and training they need to stop human trafficking,” said Brent Hagenbuch. “I am honored to announce the addition of two top Texas lawmen to our campaign endorsement list.”

Jack Curd, Archer County Sheriff said, “Brent Hagenbuch supports rural law enforcement and appreciates our unique challenges. He will be a dependable ally for us in Austin. That’s why I’m endorsing Brent.”

William “Tony” Bennie, Chief Deputy, Grayson County Sheriff’s Office said, “Brent Hagenbuch knows that public safety is government’s first responsibility. Those of us in law enforcement know he will have our back in Austin and stand with us here at home. That’s why I’m endorsing Brent.”

“The men and women who stand between criminals and honest citizens deserve our honor and respect. They are prepared to risk their lives so our families and loved ones can be safe,” Hagenbuch concluded.