Hagenbuch Wins Final Round in Court and Heads Back to the Campaign Trail

Hagenbuch Wins Final Round in Court and Heads Back to the Campaign Trail

Brent Hagenbuch is the conservative Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 30, the seat being left vacant by the announced retirement of Senator Drew Springer. His campaign released the following statement today:

“Just like Donald Trump’s opponents, our opponents thought they could win this election at the courthouse. Texas judges and Texas law favor allowing the voters to make decisions about who they elected to public office.

“One opponent thought she could win at District Court. She lost. Another opponent thought he could win at the Court of Appeals. He lost. The third opponent couldn’t afford a lawyer, so he filed a police report instead. He is lost.

“Each of our opponents knows they cannot win at the ballot box. Each of them thought they had a better chance with a judge than with the voters. This strategy has failed,” said Allen Blakemore, spokesman for the Brent Hagenbuch Campaign.

Brent Hagenbuch said, “I’m a pro-life conservative. I’ve earned endorsements from Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and a growing list of Senators, Sheriffs, and local leaders. Law enforcement, firefighters, and business groups all know I am the right person to represent this District in the Texas Senate.

“As a civil engineer and company commander in the US Navy, the Seabee motto is – We Build! We Fight! My commitment to you to build the Texas we are all proud of and fight to defend it,” Hagenbuch concluded.

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