Law Enforcement Stands with Hagenbuch

Law Enforcement Stands with Hagenbuch

DENTON TX – Brent Hagenbuch, conservative Republican candidate for Texas Senate District 30, the seat being left vacant by the announced retirement of Senator Drew Springer, released the following statement:

“Public safety is government’s first responsibility. Nothing else really matters if citizens do not feel safe in their homes or as they move about in their community. The support of the men and women who stand each day between citizens and those who wish to harm them is humbling,” said Hagenbuch.

“We are proud to support folks like Brent Hagenbuch who are willing to hold themselves out for public office. Brent Hagenbuch has served his country and his community. His father and grandfather were first responders and Brent honored them by accepting an appointment at the US Naval Academy and serving as a Naval officer. We are proud to stand with Brent,” said Mike Mata, President of the Dallas Police Association.

Joining the Dallas Police Association in endorsing Hagenbuch are the Houston Police Officers Union and the Harris County Deputy Sheriffs Organization. These three groups are among the largest law enforcement organizations in Texas, representing a combined 11,000 commissioned peace officers.

The campaign continues to develop tremendous momentum. View the growing list of endorsements at

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