Patrick Endorses Hagenbuch for Texas Senate

Patrick Endorses Hagenbuch for Texas Senate

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick released the following statement:

“I believe Brent Hagenbuch is, without question, the very best person to represent the people of Senate District 30. He is a Christian conservative, Naval Academy graduate and veteran, civil engineer, successful business owner, entrepreneur, community volunteer, Republican grassroots leader, and former Denton County Republican Party Chair. He is aligned with the conservative values and policies of the district and President Trump’s MAGA agenda. 

“Simply put, he is everything we need and want in the Texas Senate. He will be a great addition to the Senate and an asset to the important work we do.

“Seats in the Texas Senate don’t come open very often. These districts are larger than U.S. Congressional seats. District 30 stretches across 11 counties. Representing nearly a million Texans is a big job. Brent is uniquely equipped to be a strong member.

“Dianne Edmondson, Denton County Commissioner and legendary Republican leader, was one of the very first to endorse Brent. We will build an army—or should I say navy in his case—of support for Brent, from the grassroots to the boardroom. I need Brent Hagenbuch in the Texas Senate.

“I appreciate Senator Drew Springer’s service and wish him well in his future endeavors.”

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